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IndustrialFlashmemory.com is committed to providing you the latest technology on the market today. IndustrialFlashmemory.com in partnership with PCcardsDirect.com and ITsupplyHouse.com can offer you the best industrial flash memory solution for your application. Our product offerings include Industrial compactflash, Industrial PC cards PCMCIA, Industrial SD cards, 2.5 and 3.5 inch flash drives, as well as micro IDE in 40 pin and 44 pin configurations as large as 256GB. By clicking on the images below you will be directed to the industrial flash memory area that best serves your needs.

Electronic assembly companies will find the new embedded slim SATA flash card a great replacement solution for traditional spinning hard drives. Devices such as slot machines and parking meters greatly benefit from using embedded flash for added temperature, vibration and shock durability.

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